Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday GRANDPA JONES!

Grandpa turned 76 two days ago! We celebrated his birthday at Maddox in Perry, Utah. It was super fun. And super delicious food! This is his birthday present we made for him. He has taken us to yellowstone every single year for 40 years in a row! I made this movie of all the pictures I took at last years trip, and it was way fun. I hope you enjoy!

Heart Kelcey!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Family Foundations Project

Well for the end of the semester in my Family Foundations class we were assigned to come up with a project for this class that we would turn in. I decided to take some of my photography and other photography I found and make a slide show of the Proclamation. I am very proud of it! and I thought you girls might enjoy the final project :) I hope you girls are having a wonderful christmas break with your families!

Love Kelcey!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I think it is about time for another post....

Well a lot has happened since anyone has posted on here so I thought I would post a quick one. I move home back to spokane to work for the winter semester in two weeks. Time has flown by I cant believe I have been in Rexburg since September. I love it here :) it is so much fun and I have some pretty cool roommates too.

My cousin Paige happens to be my next door neighbor in Rexburg and is in a photography class and had to take pictures of someone for a project and asked me if I would do it, this is one of the many she took.
Paige also took us roommate pictures and here they are :) enjoy!
I was super hyper, which is weird considering there was a camera around and normally I hate cameras...
Roommates names in order from left to right Jessica Brooklynn Brook Brittany Janelle and me :)

The last few months have been a lot of fun and I am so glad that I am here. I went to lunch with
Breanna and Kelcey the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we had lots of fun talking. I miss all of you Moses Lake girls and cant wait to see you and have a girls night. HOPEFULLY SOON. Have a wonderful holiday season girlies.
Love, Jenn

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Official :)

Kelcey & Kim's Korner!

These are my pictures and they are official up and for sale :) My friend Kim and I have set up our photography at a place called Brittany Rae's Boutiques and is ready to be bought. I feel like a real buisness woman and soon we are going to have buisness cards.

I can't wait till I have my first sale! Wish me luck!

Life is going good in Rexburg, I've just been working and hanging out. School starts the 9th and I get to see JENNIFER!!!! I miss seeing you guys and hopefully I'll get to see you soon. Love you girls and I hope life is wonderful and you are reaching your dreams. Stay sweet

Love Kelcey!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 months and 8 days! :D

so in 3 months and 8 days from today i am leaving for rexburg! YAY i am super excited.not like i am counting down or anything haha. but lots has happend since i last posted.

the first thing is that the 3rd set of twin girls have been born in my family! i think its way cool! haha these twins are my moms twin sisters new granddaughters.

second is that hannah and marshall came to visit me two weeks ago today.. hannah and i may or may not have hacked jessicas facebook and takent this picutre haha. we also had a blast shopping and just hanging out. it was a MUCH needed day with hannah we had alot of good laughs :)

third is that we have no more guy friends left at home! ahh its crazy. this was after our sing start party at marshalls the day of chandlers farewell. we had alot of fun and i am already missing all of them a ton. tyler is in the back ground doing what he does best. creeping haha.

my last picture with tyler for two years. sad day. my goodness i am short haha.

our last picture with marshall for two years. good luck to marshall and the other boys in the mtc!

other than going to work and going to moses lake for farewells i really havent been up to much else. i live a boring life now haha. i am soooooooooo ready for summer to be here and the rain to be gone i cant wait untill i get to see all of you again! i miss you all.

Love, Jenn

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ok sooo, haha i don't know what i did. but the font is going crazy!!!! please help!

sorry lol

What is UP?!

I feel like our blog has been sadly rejected and neglected for some time now so I decided to give a Kelcey update :) < My roomies!!! The far back from left to right is Alexis, Cheltsea, then Me and Alli then the girl who rooms with me!
This what i work on instead of homework! (nicole my other roomie is in the background)

it was really late :) you guys know how it goes haha

Evelyn, Alli, and Me!
Me and Natalie (Natalie roomed with me last semester)

Haha as you can tell I am back in good o'l Rexburg, Idaho and having a BLAST!
I got a job at dominos which keeps me really busy and so do all of my classes
I still am doing generals for my major and i really don't know what i want to be when i grow up. Life is good! I went to a Karyoake night ( however you spell that) tonight and it was soooo much fun. I can't wait for jennifer to join me down here so we can party 24/7!! I miss and love all of you and hope too see and hear from you soon.
Love You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!